Founded in Chongqing Xiyong Microelectronic Industrial Park in 2007. As Keboda's industrial base in southwest China, it provides automotive washing systems, fuel transfer module, liquid level sensor, low powered DC motor, etc. to a variety of customers such as FORD, BYTON, JMC, SAIC MAXUS, CHANGAN, BRILLIANCE AUTO, CHANGFEN MOTOR.

The AGS actuator (Active Grill Shutter Actuator), developed by Chongqing Keboda, has reached the world-leading level. Chongqing Keboda is the only modular supplier in China that has the complete and independent development capability and provides system solutions for the automobile factory.

Chongqing Keboda, with its automotive micro-motor-driven actuator technology research and development center, has been certified as a high-tech enterprise in the last 6 years by the Chongqing government, and has also been granted the Chongqing Industrial Development and Progress Award in 2014.